Founder Ike has always been fascinated by sports and fitness.

However, he noticed that at many regular gyms there’s often a lack of a personal touch – leading to crowded classes and an emphasis on physical fitness rather than overall wellbeing.

Ike launched NDU Studio to transform the health and wellbeing experience, creating a bespoke modern space to improve clients’ psychological wellbeing alongside their physical fitness.

Hello! My name’s Ike, and I’m the Founder of NDU Studios.

Our name incorporates the word ‘Ndu’, meaning ‘life’. This is not only a nod to my African heritage, but also the ethos behind our fitness studio – which is that a healthy life is a full and happy one.

Our calming studio is designed to be a sanctuary away from the everyday, and a haven for wellness in both body and mind.

Our main priority is our clients, and we guarantee a relaxing space for you to explore and achieve your fitness goals with the help of our state of the art technology and fully qualified, experienced trainers.

All of the equipment that we provide is of the highest standard, safe for all ages to use, and promises excellent results with regular use. I have personally researched and tested each piece of equipment to ensure that it is the best fit for our clients.

Having had a lifelong passion for health and fitness, I’m excited to share my knowledge and expertise with every client that chooses NDU Studios to support them on their journey to all-round wellness.

See you in the studio!