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Stay accountable with expert personal training enhanced by whole body Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Personal Training

Injury Rehabilitation.
Immediate Effects.
Time Saving.

Full Body Analysis

Body Analysis = motivation, clarity, understanding, guidance and individualisation.

Private Studio

A relaxing space where members can clear their mind of stress and bring their full focus and attention to their body.

Why join our Wellness programme?

Our state of the art studio provides a private and peaceful experience. Our personal trainers help you stay motivated and help you train the right way.

Using whole body Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, we provide a time-efficient training solution, taking just 30 minutes to complete a workout that incorporates all major muscle groups. Visible results in improved muscle tone, posture, and body shape can be seen in just three to four sessions.

Private and peaceful

  • Highly rated

  • By appointment

  • Work alone or in a group

  • No need to change

  • Reduced risk of injury

  • Better results

Personal trainer

Time saving?


Member satisfaction?


State of the art technology

Data analysis for true transformation.

Track or showoff your progress

State of the art technology and data analysis for true transformation.

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Personal Trainer Newcastle

Experience a truly tailored approach, ensuring faster, better body and health results.

Better results in 50% the time.

Private fitness studio with a dedicated personal trainer

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EMS Training

Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation, also known as WB EMS Training, OR Muscle Electrostimulation is a fitness training system which utilises harmless electrical stimulation to significantly boost the effectiveness of your workout. Electrodes fixed inside the suit target key muscle groups, stimulating them as you train.

When combined with exercise, EMS increases the intensity of the contractions, resulting in up to 40% more force from each individual muscle.

Functional & Strength

Tone up and body shaping in the same session. State of the art technology and data analysis for true transformation. Every personal trainer is fully qualified and experienced in training clients using the EMS system. Benefit from their expertise in our state of the art studio, or in the comfort of your own home.


Unlike our fitness training sessions, our Body sculpt sessions require little physical exertion. Much like therapeutic massage, your body will be in a
state of relaxation for the duration of your session.

Body Sculpt treatment. Experience a painless, non-invasive, effective and visible aesthetic solution, using cutting-edge aesthetic electrostimulation.

personal training Newcastle upon Tyne
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Real-life results

We Generate Results for Our Clients and Members

We generate results for our clients and members

“You HAVE to try this! I went to a session yesterday, and although I am quite fit as I like to run, I am not very strong, and I sometimes get injured as I try to run too far. I feel that EMS can really help with that. My first session was not too hard, but really efficient and effective. The day after, I was sore in places I didn’t think I had muscles! The trainer is great, and the facilities are marvellous. A lovely and clean location, great equipment and professional & expert service all made for a wonderful experience. Fully recommend.”

“Love EMS and the Functional Training Ike provides, really has helped me lose weight and tone up! The sessions are hard but Ike keeps it relaxed and fun and there is some great music to keep you going! Would highly recommend.”

stylish fitness studio functional training ndu studios

“Loving my sessions at NDU Studios! Having not exercised in a while I found the sessions challenging at first but I’m heading in the right direction, gaining confidence and starting to see results! Ike is a great trainer and has introduced me to EMS in his lovely brand new studio.”

“Great sessions with Ike at ndu studios, tailor made exercises and ems sessions. I’m feeling stronger and more flexible, having back surgery for a slipped disc this is also helping manage any stiffness and pain. Feeling good! Looking forward to seeing my results over the next few weeks.”

“Enjoying the personal training sessions with Ike at NDU studios. Starting to see results already after only four weeks with regular functional training and EMS sessions. Excited to see what is to come. Great trainer and studio.”

“Such a beautiful place to train in – EMS is just fantastic; the only thing that’s helped with my post c-section tummy!”

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