Whole Body Electro Stimulation, or EMS, is a fitness training system which utilises harmless electrical stimulation to boost the effectiveness of your workout.

You’ll wear a specially designed suit, which is installed with electrodes. These electrodes target key muscle groups, stimulating them during your workout.

By mimicking the electrical signals that your nervous system sends to your muscles, the electrical stimulation causes your muscles to contract. When combined with exercise, this increases the intensity of the contractions, resulting in up to 40% more force.

Electrostimulation has been used in physical training for many years. Backed by multiple scientific studies, results show that EMS enables trainers to increase and control the mechanical tension of different muscle groups, while helping to recover others or boost their oxygen consumption.

Overall, EMS has a considerable positive impact on the body, boosting the results of a standard workout plan and increasing muscle mass and function.