We have collected some comments from clients who have been using NDU Studios unique and powerful transformation concept. Hear their stories below.


“Training with Ike and using the EMS system has been a whole new way of approaching fitness training for me. I have typically always done HIIT sessions or weight training. However, since my 40’s I’ve become more prone to injury and the impact of over training. The training I have done with Ike is much more holistic. Ike offers a tailored and focused approach. He combines a range of movements from yoga, pilates, body resistance, and weight training in combination with EMS. This provides for a strengthening, balancing and muscle defining workout. You can feel the impact on your muscles from EMS for a day or so afterwards.”

“Ike really focuses on recovery and form. For me, this way of training feels more about wellness and quality of experience. This combination of training has also helped me recover from an old back injury. I have enjoyed noticing the body changes that have resulted from the EMS training. Ike brings positivity and professionalism to the sessions. He shows a real commitment to his clients and a desire to offer targeted, specialised training based on the client’s goals. I’m really interested to see how much I can achieve with this style of training.”

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“I’m a fit bloke, obsessed with the gym and I was dubious about EMS. It’s really intense though. Pretty incredible.”


“Training with Ike’s been a real pleasure. He’s very easy to relax with and has taken the time to really understand my needs. He’s adapted the training as we’ve gone along to help with any things that are particularly difficult for me, whilst maintaining a good level of motivation to ensure that I’m pushing myself safely to reach my goals. EMS has been really enjoyable and wow what a difference in such as small length of time. – within just a few sessions there was noticeable difference in my stature. It adds another level to training and is quite fun!”

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“I thought I was fairly healthy/ active before, but until I tried EMS  I did not realise my weak areas. I am pleased to be seeing really great results after four sessions, my body shape is changing, my posture has improved and I feel much stronger already.”

“Ike is a lovely warm guy, who offers a kind and supportive work out tailored to you. He can spot where improvements are needed and then personalise a plan to get you functioning at your best”

“The workouts are short, around  30 mins long and not a beasting like I have done at boot camps previously. They work around  your individual limits and unlike a gym session, afterwards you don’t feel exhausted, you feel energised.”


“Wow – I’m really surprised by the effectiveness of this!  After every session of EMS I feel energised and strong and (massive bonus) my body shape changed within 3 just weeks.  Ike targetted my abdominals and the results are brilliant in a really short space of time.  EMS is so easy to fit around my schedules – this is 100% my go to fitness plan from now on.”

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“I’ve been training with Ike using EMS for around 3 weeks now (2 sessions a week) and am already feeling and seeing the benefit.”

“I work full time, am a single parent and also a professional fighter as a hobby. As I’m sure you can imagine, time is limited for myself so Ike suggested I start with EMS. In a short amount of time, I’ve already noticed improvements in my flexibility, along with a noticeable difference to my body shape. I’m extremely excited to start bringing him and EMS into my training in the gym.”