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NDU offers a relaxing space where members can clear their mind of stress and bring their full focus and attention to their body and the transformations that they desire. Join NDU personal training studio to experience a truly tailored approach, ensuring faster, better body and health results. This is your space. 

Private space

At NDU, every member is treated as an individual. Our approach brings personalisation and expert guidance into every movement, redefining the workout.

Every piece of equipment has been specifically selected to provide our clients with the highest quality results.

Join us today, and begin your journey to a healthier, happier you.

Personal Training Studio Newcastle upon Tyne
Personal Training at NDU STudios Newcastle upon Tyne


Functional equipment that securely stores personal progress data for each individual member. 

Our Technogym® equipment is specifically selected to give you the most holistic and well-rounded health and body experience within our personal training studio, every single workout.


Enjoy variety thanks to countless training options. Improve abilities through FullGravityTM Technology. Move naturally in a tridimensional space. Track progress with connected workouts.

Kinesis® One is designed to help users move freely and naturally with effective training programs that can be tailored to each user’s fitness level and objectives. It enables an unlimited variety of training routines to activate specific groups of muscles on different planes with a growing difficulty level.

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Whole Body Electrostimulation (EMS)

Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation, also known as WB EMS, is a fitness training system which utilises harmless electrical stimulation to significantly boost the effectiveness of your workout. Electrodes fixed inside the suit target key muscle groups, stimulating them as you train.

By mimicking the electrical signals that the nervous system sends to the muscles, the electrical stimulation causes muscles to contract. When combined with exercise, this increases the intensity of the contractions, resulting in up to 40% more force from each individual muscle. 

EMS sessions at NDU Studio are delivered on a 1:1 and group basis, incorporating leading equipment specifically tailored to your personal goals and last a convenient 30 minutes.

TANITA® Body Analysis

Bathroom scales don’t give an accurate picture of your body composition. By starting your health and wellness journey with a TANITA Body Composition Scan, and following up on your personal progress with monthly scans, you can watch in real time as your physiology and biochemistry change for the better.

Discover your metabolic age, muscle mass, body fat mass and more! At NDU, your weight means nothing.

tanita body composition scanning

Onnafit® Bodysculpt

Similar to the EMS we offer during physical training, the Onnafit bodysculpt system consists of a wearable device. However, unlike our fitness training sessions, Onnafit requires little physical exertion. Much like therapeutic massage, your body will be in a state of relaxation for the duration of your session.

At the end of your session, as well as feeling relaxed, you will benefit from the powerful stimulated muscle contractions, the equivalent of several hundred crunches or squats at the gym! The electrical waves penetrate into the deepest muscle fibres, maximising muscle contractions more efficiently than those that can be achieved during exercise alone.