Everything that you eat is fuel for your body.

It’s crucial to ensure that every EMS training session is supported by a healthy diet, as this will ensure that you have high energy levels, that you recover quickly from your training, and help to boost your overall performance and results.

We’ll work alongside our experienced partners to advise you on your nutritional needs, and develop a healthy meal plan exclusively for you that’s tailored to your needs and activity level.

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As well as fuelling your body, the meals that you eat can also have a considerable impact on your emotions – so look forward to not only delicious, nutritious meals but also a boost to your wellbeing. We have partnered with VITL ® to provide top shelf nutrition products to aid tranformation, available through NDU Studio for 10% off. Follow the link below…


Maintaining a healthy diet is important, however we recognise that for many planning meals is difficult and time consuming. With our partner we make this really easy and you can get started today.


The creator of On Point Nutrition, Richard, launched his own business after working as a chef at the highest level for many years. Richard chose to focus on his love of nutrition and performance, and is committed to making a difference to the lives of his clients.

What you eat defines your performance during training, as well as your physique and mental wellbeing. On Point Nutrition provides macro specific meals, ensuring that your body will get all of the nutrients that it needs both before and after an EMS session. On Point Nutrition takes pride in the fact every meal is cooked by professional chefs, and delivered directly to your door for your convenience.

On Point Nutrition’s meals are tasty and full of flavour – simply pop them in your microwave for a tasty, healthy meal

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