Onnafit Bodysculpt –
where beauty meets health

Relax and redefine your body with the latest in EMS technology. With noticeable changes to your body after just 8 sessions, Onnafit is the fastest way to achieve the refinements you are aiming for including:

  • Muscle firming
  • Targeted fat loss
  • Enhanced body toning
  • Improved circulation
  • Accelerated metabolism
  • Reduced cellulite and varicose veins

At Ndu studios we are passionate about EMS and enjoy nothing more than supporting our clients to achieve the enhanced fitness results that can be obtained combining EMS with functional training.

Tone up, build muscle, lose fat

With noticeable changes to your body after just 8 sessions.

Expert. Support. Honest. Transparent

Relax and redefine your body in just 3 steps

01. Tanita body analysis

We will undertake Tanita full body analysis before you start your treatment to help you understand your starting point and track your progress

02. Treatment sessions

Onnafit triple technology gets you results in just 8 sessions

03. Maintain

Top up full body EMS training sessions for results maintenance

Our technology

Onnafit wearable device

How does Onnafit bodysculpt work?

We utilise the latest in EMS Technology combined with low frequency ultrasound (20-200KHz) and presotherapy. Targeting muscle toning and firming, fat dissolution and lymphatic drainage Onnafit bodysculpt ensures you see results in the places that matter to you. Including areas such as the abdomen, legs, buttocks and arms.

Similar to the EMS we offer during physical training, the Onnafit system consists of a wearable device. However, unlike our fitness training sessions, Onnafit requires little physical exertion. Much like therapeutic massage, your body will be in a state of relaxation for the duration of your session.

This wireless device is totally ergonomic, and emits electrical waves that penetrate into the deepest muscle fibres, producing a muscle contraction in those muscle groups as well as facilitating fat elimination from your body.

Where beauty meets health

State of the art technology and data analysis for true transformation.